Contract One of Our Team Members

Remote Full Time and Part Time Contract Developers

Fast, Simple and Reliable


Highly Skilled / Certified

Our developers are Computer Science majors and up to date with the latest programming languages and best practices. Our training never ends.

Team Integration

Jira / Bit Bucket / Git / etc.

Our developers are ready to quickly integrate into your existing process using the same tools and methodologies common with Agile. 

Accurate and Efficient

Detailed Time Tracking

Only pay for the work we do. We use plugins and extensions like Top Tracker to ensure accurate time tracking.

All for one

It's a Team Effort

When you add one of our developers, you are adding a whole support team as well. Our senior engineers ensure our code is sound and efficient.

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Staff Augmentation, Team Augmentation, Website Development, Mobile App Development, Ecommerce,  Product Design, Content Management Systems, Payment Solutions, Hosting and Maintenance, Product Consulting.

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